Your solution is neat, but does it encourage smuggling and other illegal activities?

No. This is just like saying if terrorists use Facebook messenger and Gmail to communicate, Facebook and Google will be held responsible for “supporting terrorism”. Or holding Wüsthof accountable when someone assaults another one with their bread knife!

Does your service pose a direct threat to current postal services?

Yet another tricky question! We do believe that our service will have an impact on shipping methods, but it greatly depends on how current logistics companies will react and adapt to this. It is similar to how free instant messaging services such as Viber, Whatsapp, etc. have affected the cellular network providers. However, the latter should also see that as an opportunity to raise their revenue from data packages and in that sense, be a strategic partner to the former. We welcome all postal services to become our long-term strategic partners as well.

Someone in my area is requesting a product that I currently have in stock. Can I approach them to sell it directly?

We don’t see why not. It saves them the shipping time and possibly some additional costs as well, so they might opt to buy it from you. Just please remember that we have a ZERO-tolerance policy against cheating and frauds.

Are you expanding your affiliate network?

XtayPro strives to provide its users with the greatest degree of convenience possible. So, yes, it would be our pleasure to work with you. If you are interested in our business model, please contact our Management directly.

Do I have to use my real name?

You should. It is generally a good practice to use real names and give some more information about you or your company in your profile. It helps build up trust and strengthen our community.

Your model sure looks like Uber, what’s the difference?

Oh, this is an interesting one. It’s not everyday that we receive this kind of question and it’s out of the scope of this FAQ. This question alone deserve a full presentation, but since you’ve asked, we can point out an obvious one: the depreciation of asset (and cost of opportunity if you delve enough into it, but let’s keep it simple). When someone works with Uber, they can freely choose when to offer a ride as their schedule allows. But when you travel and are not using up your baggage allowance, you are wasting it. In many cases that we know, it’s even worth paying for extra baggage.

I am sending a birthday present to a friend and they want to unwrap it?

Well it is totally up to your negotiation before hitting the ACCEPT button. But unless the other party has specifically agreed not to open it, they will often have to unwrap it before the flight for their own safety, according to regulations and laws. Please do not feel offended, we’re sure they don’t mean any.

Your app is cool and I want to suggest some more features, who do I contact?

You can drop us an email at info@xtaypro.com with the subject [XtayPro improvement]. You can also reach us via Facebook messenger at https://facebook.com/xtaypro.com or other instant messaging services at +84987654321. Since we also use our own service, we do appreciate your feedback to make it better!

I usually post my trips and requests on Facebook, now I have to post another one on your platform? Save me the hassle!

No! We are actually saving you the hassle while enabling you to dual-post on XtayPro and other social networks as well. You just have to share your posts by clicking the helpful little Share button on our app. We are also working with many Facebook groups to increase your probability of getting a match.

How do I get a user rank promotion?

At this moment, you can apply for a rank promotion either by email or telephone. If you prefer emails, please send one to admin@xtaypro.com with the subject [XtayPro rank promotion request] and provide your UserID, we will contact you back with detailed instructions. We are also using many popular messaging service such as Facebook, Zalo, Viber, LINE, Whatsapp etc. Our phone number is +841234567890. Our Facebook Page is www.facebook.com/XtayPro.com

I’ve heard that you can refer someone and both will get a reward?

Yes, but it depends on our promotion campaigns. Please check for more info here.

What happens after I have delivered/collected the item?

After delivering/collecting the item, both sides should make sure that everything has gone according to the terms of the transaction, including but not limited to, timeliness of the delivery, quality of item, shipping fee. When you press the FINISH button, we will consider this transaction successfully completed and proceed to give back the deposit to you if you have used our ESCROW service. If you are content with the other user, consider giving them a 5-star rating and a positive feedback. They should also rate you the same for being nice!