What should be the reasonable shipping fees?

It depends greatly on the route, the time of the year and the professionalism of other users. You are free to name your price, negotiate and choose the one you like the most.

Can I leave the locations and the dates blank?

As a matter of facts, sometimes xtayees don’t care whether you get the items from country A or country B or when you can deliver them, as long as they are genuine products and the price is right. However, requests and offers with specified locations and dates will have higher priority in our search results.

Where should I meet them for collection/delivery?

The safest places to meet up are public spaces such as airports, cafés, parks etc. You can also collect/drop off the items at our collection centers.

I have found someone, how do I contact them?

When you see a request/offer that matches your criteria, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the button that says “Start negotiating with this user”. Don’t worry, before clicking the ACCEPT button inside, you are not obliged to do anything at all.

What types of payment does XtayPro support?

We don’t actually take part in the payment process. It is totally up to you and the other party; you can pay cash on delivery, you can do bank transfer in advance, you can even ask for just a cup of coffee and a tour around the city by the other person. After all, this platform is built to connect people and to share cultures. However, we do provide an ESCROW service to protect your transactions, which is described in details below.

I can’t find anyone who matches my search criteria, what to do now?

You can click the X button on the bottom right corner to create a new request/offer. Someone will see it and get to you later. Still nothing? Are you sure you’re not requesting something from the North Pole?

How do I search for someone who is going/requesting that route?

Please refer to our detailed guides here.

What do “xtayer” and “xtayee” mean?

A “xtayer” is someone who travels and carries the goods. A “xtayee” is someone who requests the delivery of some items. Usually, xtayees will also ask xtayers to purchase the items in their stead.